Tips to Avoid Florida Bicycle Accidents and Stay Safe

Bicycle Safety and Preventing Accidents on Florida Roads

Bicyclists will often find themselves having to share the road with a multitude of drivers that have their safety fairly low on their list of priorities. Sometimes drivers can even go so far as to be especially aggressive towards bicyclists. Here are some of the more important bits of safety knowledge for a bicyclist riding a bicycle among larger motor vehicles and as a driver sharing the road with bicyclists.

Wear a Bike Helmet

Easily one of the best things that someone can do to increase their safety while riding a bicycle is wear a bicycle helmet. Not just any helmet, but a helmet specifically designed for use by bicyclists and that can prevent and reduce the trauma caused by a blow to the head when worn.

One of the most common bicycle accident injuries is a traumatic brain injury. Many bicyclists find themselves suffering concussions or worse after riding with a helmet and colliding with either a motor vehicle or a static object. It has repeatedly been shown that wearing a bicycle helmet significantly reduces the chances of someone receiving a traumatic brain injury.

Maximize Bicycle Visibility

Bicycles have a very similar problem with motorcyclists when it comes to visibility. Many bicycle accidents occur because a driver simply didn’t notice that there was a bicyclist in the way. Bicyclists can combat this lack of visibility by riding with the assumption that the cars around cannot see them. It is important to never rely on motor vehicles when it comes to the assumption of visibility.

A massive number of bicycle accidents also happen at night for obvious reasons relating to lack of visibility. A bicyclist should take measures to increase their bicycle’s visibility by using reflective tape, reflectors, lights, etc. and also wear bright reflective clothing as well. It may seem gaudy to some, but it has the potential to save your life.

Double Check Bicycle Equipment

Before going out for a ride on a bicycle you should remember to double-check that the bicycle and all of its equipment are up to good maintenance standards. The last thing that you want is to have something important like a brake fail and you end up careening into a collision with an oncoming car. Remember to periodically maintain the various components of your bicycle such as check tire integrity and pressure, align the steering, clean and oil the bike chain, and ensure the brakes are functioning correctly.

Follow Florida Laws and Regulations

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Always remember that Florida bike laws are put in place for those utilizing public roads and are there to help ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to only bicycle in designated bicycle lanes and not weave between stopped vehicles.

Also, never drive against the flow of traffic. The signs and signals on the road pertain to bicyclists as well as to motor vehicles so stop means stop for you as well. Hand signals are also an essential part of riding a bicycle on the road so familiarize yourself with how to convey that you are turning or stopping.

Watch Out for Dangers Other Than Moving Vehicles

Sometimes a bicyclist’s attention may be so focused on preventing a car versus bicycle accident that they may not catch another environmental hazard. Dooring is something that bicyclists should be wary of when passing parked cars. Sometimes the passenger of a parked car may not see a bicyclist coming and they will open their door so that the bicyclist collides with it.

Potholes, road debris, weather conditions, and even pedestrians may not be noticed when they come into the path of a bicyclist and an accident can then occur. This is part of why bicyclists are expected to not ride on the sidewalk.

Consider Eberst Law as Your Bicycle Accident Injury Attorney

Bicycle accidents are a serious matter that deserve and often need compensation from those that are liable. Negligent parties can be held responsible, and bicycle accident victims have a right to take legal action against them because of their injuries.

With a bicycle accident injury claim, you can ensure that your damages are compensated and that the mistakes that lead to your injury will be much less likely to happen again and injure someone else.

With the personal injury lawyers of Eberst Law at your side, your case will have the utmost attention as your accident is investigated, settlements are negotiated, and compensation secured with clear communication to you while you focus on recovery.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident in the Stuart or Gainesville area, contact the experienced personal injury team at The Eberst Law Firm. We are ready to handle your case. And there are no fees unless we recover for your injuries. You can contact us online or call us at 772-225-4900.

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