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Slips, trips and falls are among the most common types of accidents that happen, and they can be devastating. These accidents often happen when a business customer trips over items left in aisles by employees or slips on slick spots, suffering personal injuries. While the causes vary, these cases often result in serious injuries—or at worst, wrongful death—from accidents that were preventable. Property owners and operators owe duties of care to keep their premises safe for their visitors. If you or your loved one has been injured, you should seek legal help from the experienced premises liability attorneys at The Eberst Law Firm, P.A. We may help you to recover compensation in an amount that makes you financially whole again.

Proving liability in premises liability cases in Stuart, Florida

Property owners and operators owe duties of care to keep their premises reasonably safe. They are expected to take proactive steps to correct the hazards on their properties which they know of or about which they reasonably should have known. They also have a duty to warn others about the existence of hazards. For example, businesses in which spills happen often mop them up and place warning signs around the wet area so that visitors avoid the potential dangers of slips and falls.

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If you have been seriously injured in a slip, trip or fall accident that caused you to suffer injury, you may need legal help to recover the compensation that you should receive. The personal injury lawyers at The Eberst Law Firm, P.A. strongly believe that injured victims should be fairly compensated when they have suffered losses because of the negligence of property owners and business operators. We may thoroughly investigate what happened by securing copies of videos, photographing the scene, finding and interviewing witnesses and talking to experts to determine the expected costs of your ongoing medical care. Call The Eberst Law Firm, P.A. today at 772-225-4900 or Contact Us Online to schedule your free consultation so that you can learn more about your potential recovery rights.

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