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Anyone who chooses to ride their bicycle on a road shared by motor vehicles takes a risk. If involved in a collision with a vehicle, it can result in serious, life-changing injuries. However, assuming that risk does not mean that an at-fault automobile driver is not responsible for their actions. Drivers have the same duty to protect cyclists as they do other drivers in full-sized vehicles, even if they are not aware of the road rights of bicyclists. Bike riders injured by the negligence of others have the right to demand compensation. Our Bike Accident lawyers in Gainesville can help you hold a negligent driver accountable for their actions, including claiming compensation and protecting your rights and best interests.

Driver Duties Towards Bike Riders

All people who encounter drivers on the road are protected by Florida civil law – this includes other drivers on the roads, passengers in other vehicles, and bike riders. Whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of their care, they assume this duty of care and are expected to share the road, and nobody is exempt from this responsibility. Any failure to provide this protection that results in an injury to another person is known as a breach of duty, and is the core of any argument of negligence on the part of the driver. A party injured in a bike accident must provide evidence that the defendant breached their duty, and they are owed damages accordingly. Ways to prove this can include:

  • The driver was going over the speed limit at the time of the collision, leaving the rider no time to react.
  • The driver failed to yield to the bike rider at intersections as is required by law.
  • The driver failed to use a turn signal properly when changing lanes, causing them to move into the rider’s path without warning.
  • The driver chose to drive either partially or fully inside a bike-only lane.


Injuries in Bike Accidents

Bicyclists often have little physical protection in the event of an accident, which can lead to substantial injury. Basic safety equipment like helmets, padded gloves, and kneepads help if a rider falls on their own, or at worst collides with another cyclist. However, this equipment can be rendered useless even in a low-speed collision with a vehicle. Simply being knocked off a bike by a car often results in severe cuts, scrapes, and broken bones from the impact with the road or sidewalk. High-speed collisions make things even worse. Riders can be thrown off their bike into oncoming traffic, or become trapped under driver’s vehicle. Any of these can result in life-changing injuries requiring extensive medical care, and can hinder a cyclist’s ability to earn a living. In the event that such a collision and subsequent injury is caused by the negligence of the driver of the vehicle, the injured party can demand compensation for medical bills, any lost income, and the physical pain and suffering.


Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Gainesville

The state of Florida has a statute of limitations on personal injury cases of four years. If this time limit passes, the court can refuse to hear the case and insurance companies will likely refuse to negotiate a settlement. It is important to seek help quickly if you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident with a vehicle. If the driver of the vehicle was negligent or otherwise at fault, you have a right to hold them responsible in a court of law and demand compensation for your injuries.


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