Mistakes to Avoid Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Any kind of personal injury case can be filled with pitfalls. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been hit by a vehicle while on your motorcycle, you slipped and fell at a store, you were in a truck accident, or you were simply driving through a parking lot and hit by a negligent motorist. The complexities can make it really easy for an injury victim to make a mistake that could torpedo their case even before they get legal help.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get in touch with a skilled personal injury attorney with The Eberst Law Firm as soon as you can. We’ll take care of all the legal work so you can focus on recovering from your injury. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your case is in the best possible hands. Get your free case review by calling 1-888-CALL-JON or contacting us online.

Here’s some information on how seemingly minor mistakes could rob you of your chance of obtaining compensation, as well as examples that you need to avoid at all costs.

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How Can Mistakes Affect Your Case Later Down the Road?

It continues to amaze us how many injury victims either wait to get legal help, or decide to go it alone because they don’t want to share compensation with an attorney. When insurance companies know this is happening, they absolutely love it. They have one goal – to increase profits as much as they possibly can. They’re going to work very hard to see that your claim is denied.

In many instances, victims make it far too easy for insurers to do just that. When they either try to go it alone, or they don’t immediately hire an attorney, they run the risk of potentially losing out on tens of thousands of dollars. The following sections cover some of the more common mistakes we would like to help keep you from making.

Speaking to Insurance Companies without an Attorney Present

When someone is hurt due to the fault of someone else’s negligence, the insurance company that covers the negligent party will often try to get in touch with the victim. They’ll dispatch a skilled adjuster, one who will act like the victim’s friend.

The adjuster will act like they really care about how you’re feeling, and say they want to help. In reality, all they’re doing is trying to get you to slip up. They’ll ask questions in a misleading way in an effort to get you to admit that maybe, just maybe, you did something to either contribute to the accident, or cause it outright.

Please don’t fall for this trap. Never have any contact with the negligent party’s insurer without having an attorney by your side. Better yet, just refer all insurance company personnel to your legal representative. There’s no need for you to have to deal with any harassment.

Accepting a Low Settlement Offer

If you’ve suffered a severe injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it would be understandable if you started getting concerned about your mounting medical bills. Some people even panic, and it’s hard to blame them. Not only are your medical expenses piling up, you’re probably losing a great deal of money because you’re hurt so badly you can’t work.

Insurance companies are notorious for preying on these concerns. If you haven’t yet hired an attorney, they know it – and they’ll try to use that against you. The insurer could very well give you a call offering a settlement – and it’s going to be very tempting to accept it.

But if you do, it could wind up being one of the worst mistakes you’ll ever make. The insurer’s offer probably isn’t going to come anywhere close to providing full compensation. It’s going to seem like a lot of money, but you deserve a whole lot more. If you take that offer, that’s it. You won’t be able to take any other legal action.

This could wind up being a huge problem should you need further treatment for your injury. For example, you could have long-term nerve damage and not even know it. If you accept a low-ball offer, you’ll be responsible for paying for any future treatment that may be required.

Signing any Waivers or Documents from Insurance Companies

This is another huge mistake that destroys your case before it really ever starts. The insurer of the negligent party might try to coerce you into signing a medical release. A representative might say that they can’t evaluate your claim until you do so. That’s not a lie, but it’s misleading. They shouldn’t receive your medical records unless your treatment is complete.

Insurance companies are incredibly sophisticated. An adjuster might throw out a bunch of confusing legal terms in order to intimidate you into signing either a medical release or some other type of document. Don’t fall for this tactic – simply refuse to sign any sort of document without having your attorney read it first.

Why Speaking to an Attorney ASAP Can Help Prevent These Mistakes from Being Made

You’ve probably read articles online spelling out why it’s so important to hire an attorney as soon as you possibly can after you’ve suffered an injury in an accident caused by someone else. That importance simply can’t be overstated. An attorney will protect your rights, making sure you don’t fall victim to an insurance company’s efforts to deny your claim.

Your legal representative will also work to uncover the evidence needed to make your case its strongest. This will often involve investigating the accident, interviewing witnesses, and much more. The more proof you have on your side, the better the chances the insurance company will have no choice but to make you a fair settlement offer.

Contact Eberst Law Firm to Avoid Any of These Detrimental Mistakes

At The Eberst Law Firm, we have a team of attorneys with a great deal of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know all of their tricks, and we know how to defeat them. When we’re by your side, we’ll make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could cost you dearly in the long run.

Let us provide you with a free consultation so we can tell you more. Use our online form or give us a call at 1-888-CALL-JON.

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