5 Reasons Insurance Companies Refuse to Settle Truck Accident Claims

Truckers often engage in dangerous behaviors that can greatly increase the risk of an accident. When an accident happens, the results can be catastrophic for vehicle drivers and their passengers. Victims of injuries sometimes have to deal with the consequences of those injuries for the rest of their lives.

Trying to obtain compensation for injuries suffered in a trucking accident can be incredibly complex. You won’t just be going up against one insurance company – you might encounter several, including the trucking company’s carrier, the insurer of the company that loaded the truck, and possibly even the carrier of the truck’s manufacturer.

All of these insurance companies will work against you at every turn in an effort to deny you the compensation you deserve. That’s why it will be essential you have the help of an experienced truck accident attorney. It will be your best – and possibly only – chance of being able to get the money you need to cover lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.

The Eberst Law Firm will be ready if you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident caused by another party’s negligence. We have the skill and experience it takes to deal with the tactics insurance companies use to deny compensation, and we’ll fight passionately to protect your rights at all times. Contact us online or call 1-888-CALL-JON for a free consultation.

The following is a look at five of the more common reasons insurance companies make it very hard for truck accident injury victims to obtain a fair settlement.

1. The Insurance Policy Doesn’t Offer the Right Type of Coverage or Wasn’t in Effect at the Time

Truck insurance policies are a lot more expensive than the typical auto policy. Florida drivers only have to carry a minimum of $10,000 in liability coverage. But it’s not at all uncommon for commercial trucks to carry coverage of anywhere from $300,000 to $5 million or even more, depending on what kind of cargo they transport.

So, when an accident occurs, the stakes are incredibly high. As a result, some insurance companies aren’t above flat-out lying, claiming that the damages an injury victim suffered are higher than what the policy covers. They will also often claim that the policy had expired at the time of the accident.

A seasoned attorney will know how to combat these tricks and help you get the money you deserve. If the insurer is actually telling the truth, your attorney will work to find other ways to obtain compensation on your behalf.

2. You’re Unable to Prove That Your Injuries Were Caused by the Accident

This is another tried-and-true method insurers like to use. Insurance adjusters will often say that a victim’s injuries weren’t actually due to the accident. They’ll say the victim actually had a previous injury, and the accident didn’t have anything to do with the suffering they’re experiencing.

Some insurers will even go so far to try and argue that you actually aren’t as hurt as you’re letting on – as incredible as that may sound.

One way you can keep an insurance company from employing this strategy is to never have any sort of communication with an adjuster. If you do, that adjuster will probably try to get you to sign a form authorizing the carrier to investigate your medical history. You can bet that will be used against you. Always have your attorney answer any insurance company information requests.

3. You Failed to Seek Medical Treatment Immediately Following Your Truck Accident

It will be essential that you get medical attention if you’ve been in a truck accident – even if you think you feel fine. There are many kinds of injuries that don’t show themselves for days, or even weeks, after an accident. If you don’t get medical help in a timely manner, that could seriously damage your health – it could also damage your chances of winning your case.

4. Your Case Isn’t Strong Enough Against the Liable Party

There are a lot of potentially liable parties that can contribute to a truck accident. The truck driver could have been driving while fatigued, in violation of Federal rules that govern how long a trucker is allowed to spend behind the wheel. The truck’s brakes may have failed due to faulty design, making the manufacturer liable for the accident. The company that loaded the cargo the truck was transporting may have done so in a negligent fashion, causing the truck to tip over.

No matter who’s liable, there’s a good chance the insurance company will claim that you were actually responsible for the accident. You’ll have to provide proof that you weren’t, and that means producing solid evidence. An experienced attorney will know how to do just that, making your case as strong as possible in the process.

5. They Think They Can Win Your Case in Court

There are some insurance companies that are arrogant enough to think that they can intimidate accident victims into just giving up. They have highly skilled adjusters and a team of big money lawyers on their side, so even if a victim decides to fight, the insurer will simply assume they’ll win.

The Eberst Law Firm has gone up against many big insurers and defeated them soundly. Our clients benefited greatly as a result. This is an incredibly complex type of case, one that will always require professional legal representation. Please don’t make the mistake of trying to win your case on your own – we’ve been in practice a long time, and we’ve seen far too many instances of people who suffered years of financial misery because they did exactly that.

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