5 Causes of Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes much too soon, that’s a tragedy that can seem to be impossible to bear. But when that death occurs due to negligence (called wrongful death), that can be even worse for those who are left behind. Feelings of anger and frustration are common. Family members want justice, and they want it as quickly as possible.

A Florida wrongful death attorney with The Eberst Law Firm can help you find that justice if you’ve lost a member of your family due to someone else’s carelessness. We have a great deal of experience in this area of the law, so we’ll tell you what to expect throughout the duration of your case. We’ll also fight to make sure those responsible for your loss are forced to pay dearly for their negligence.

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The following is information on the five most common reasons that wrongful deaths occur.

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car wrecks can not only cause permanent, life-altering injuries, but they can also be fatal in far too many instances.

Today’s vehicles are stronger than ever before, with incredibly rugged parts that are designed to keep drivers and their passengers as safe as possible should a crash occur. Steel frames and laminated glass windshields, for instance, can take much greater forces than were once possible.

But even strong materials can fail during an accident. When they do, the results can be tragic. People are really delicate beings when you think about it, made of organs, tissues, and bones that can be destroyed when they encounter glass, metal, and other materials.

Car accident deaths typically occur for one of two reasons – an impact injury or a penetrating injury. Impact injuries occur when a part of the body is either struck by a moving object, such as a piece of flying metal, or hits a stationary object, such as a steering wheel. Penetrating injuries occur when the body is hit by something sharp, such as a large piece of glass.

Internal injuries are among the most common causes of death in a car accident. In many instances, the victim will not even be immediately aware they’ve been seriously hurt. They may not go to the hospital immediately, and they could have significant internal bleeding. If this problem isn’t addressed as soon as possible, the results will often be fatal.

2. Vulnerable Road User Accidents

Pedestrians and motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable to being struck by a car, of course. When a pedestrian is hit, their bones can be so severely broken that they puncture nearby organs, leading to death in many instances.

Motorcyclists are just about as vulnerable, even if they’re wearing a helmet and other safety gear. They face risks that the drivers and occupants of passenger cars simply don’t. Tens of thousands of riders are hit every year, and thousands of them don’t survive their injuries. The specific risks that affect motorcyclists include the following:

  • A motorcycle offers far less protection than a passenger car because it basically has no ability to absorb impact.
  • Riders will almost always be thrown from motorcycles when they’re hit by cars. They’ll be even more at risk of dying when they’re not wearing a helmet – which the vast majority of riders aren’t required to do in Florida.
  • Motorcycles are also much harder to control when the rider has to suddenly hit the brakes. Riders are at a much higher risk of being ejected from their bike as a result.

3. Nursing Home Abuse

There’s nothing that makes our team of attorneys angrier than to hear stories of nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, it happens on a regular basis. In some instances, the abuse can be so severe that it turns deadly.

Since the body of the typical senior citizen is much more fragile, the chances of a fatal injury are much higher. Nursing home staff members will sometimes strike a resident with so much force that the victim can’t survive. They will also withhold food in some instances or forget to feed a resident altogether.

In other cases, negligence can lead to a potentially fatal slip and fall or a failure to provide much-needed medication.

4. Slip and Falls

But frail senior citizens aren’t the only ones at risk of dying when slipping and falling. A strong, healthy person can lose their life in an instant when their feet suddenly come out from under them.

One of the most common injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). When the head strikes a floor or some other type of hard surface, that causes the brain to slam into the skull. A TBI can result in tissue and nerve damage that’s so severe the victim will eventually succumb to the injury.

But even when victims are able to survive, they will often be left helpless, unable to care for themselves. If someone is fortunate enough to “only” suffer a mild or moderate TBI, they can still suffer severe consequences. They may not be able to remember things, or they might not be able to express themselves the way they want.

5. Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are obviously supposed to help their patients, not cause their deaths. But this, unfortunately, is sometimes the case. Anesthesiologists, for instance, can make potentially fatal mistakes.

When patients undergo anesthesia, they will sometimes receive the wrong dosage or even the wrong type of medication. When the dosage is too high, for instance, their blood pressure can spike to dangerous heights. They can also suffer potentially deadly cardiac damage.

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