Florida Has One of the Highest Rates of Pedestrian Death

High Pedestrian Deaths in Florida Due to Car Accidents

Traveling by foot is one of the most reliable albeit slowest forms of transportation available to the many denizens of Florida. Perhaps your destination is too close to justify taking a car or your vehicle may be out of commission. Regardless of why you are walking, there is a disturbingly high chance that you may be in danger of a pedestrian accident should you choose to walk along the roads of Florida. Our state has unfortunately become one of the top states when it comes to the number of pedestrians that end up in collisions with motor vehicles. Pedestrian accidents are extremely brutal events where people that otherwise may be minding their business can end up suffering severe injuries because a driver may act negligently.

Seeking Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents

People that find themselves involved in pedestrian accidents are likely to suffer severe injuries that can accumulate significant damages in the form of extensive medical bills, lost wages, wrongful death damages, as well as pain and suffering. All these damages and more can be compensated with a settlement attained through a pedestrian accident claim filed against whichever party’s negligence caused the accident. A pedestrian accident claim requires that a claimant be able to prove the negligence of whichever party is liable for their injuries and proof of the claimant’s damages in order to make a case for fair compensation.

This can be a complicated task requiring thorough investigation and legal knowledge that an experienced personal injury attorney such as those at Eberst Law can provide. When you enlist the assistance of Eberst Law when it comes to your pedestrian accident claim, you are ensuring that your claim has the best chance possible at securing you a settlement that you deserve. To contact Eberst Law about your pedestrian accident case either call our Stuart, Florida office at 772-225-4900 or contact us online.

Florida Pedestrian Fatalities

All over the country, pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles yet Florida occupies one of the top spots on the list of states with the most pedestrian deaths. Pedestrian accidents have a way of causing severe injuries that can often result in death due to the intense forces involved and the vulnerability of pedestrians. When any motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian they are hit with the force of an object that is many times their weight and size at speeds that can be quite high depending on the accident. Even slower collisions can cause exceptional damage.

Why Does Florida Have so Many Pedestrian  Fatalities?

Florida has nine of the 20 most dangerous cities in the United States for pedestrians according to the “Dangerous by Design” report by Smart Growth America. Of all the cities in that list Florida has the number one worst city for pedestrians which is Orlando. The reasoning for these rankings is a combination of several factors. One of the top factors is the sheer number of pedestrian accidents that occur in Florida and the massive amount of fatalities that result from these accidents.

One of the top factors that contribute to the significant amount of pedestrian fatalities caused by vehicle collisions is the general layouts and planning of Florida cities. Municipal engineering in major Floridian population centers leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to pedestrian access and safety measures. Florida geographically is very flat with many cities being spread out over long distances with many of separated across distances as wide as a small European country. It is because of this that Florida is very much reliant on car travel to go pretty much everywhere with pedestrians, bicycles, and even public transport as a distant afterthought. The priority placed on large roads with several lanes of high-speed traffic with few crosswalks and even sidewalks makes traveling on foot in places like Orlando or Fort Lauderdale very dangerous.

Other Risk Factors for Pedestrian Accidents

  • Low light conditions
  • Bad weather
  • Multiple lanes of traffic
  • Crossing without a crosswalk
  • Inebriation (among both pedestrians and drivers)
  • Distraction (smartphones, eating, conversation, etc.)

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