Most Common Causes of Home Water Damage

When most people associate property damage with attorneys, a car wreck or a truck accident might come to mind first. But a homeowners insurance claim attorney can help if you’ve suffered water damage to your home because of a hurricane. Or some other type of severe problem that insurance companies may not be willing to cover. While you would think that your homeowner’s policy would immediately kick in, that’s not always the case. Insurance companies are notorious for making life difficult for their clients.

If this is happening to you, please contact the attorneys with The Eberst Law Firm right away. We know the games that insurance companies try to play with clients. And we also know how to pressure them to provide fair compensation. Our attorneys will be ready to help you get the money you deserve so that you can get on with your life.

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Here are just a few of the more common reasons water damage occurs. If any of these have happened to you, and your insurance company is giving you a hard time, reach out to The Eberst Law Firm as soon as you can.

Hurricanes and Storms

Hopefully you haven’t ever had to experience the terrible power of a hurricane. Unfortunately, people who have lived in our beautiful state for a while probably have. They’ve either been in an area that was directly hit. Or had torrential rains and fierce winds from the storm’s outer bands.

Any time an area suffers a disaster, homeowners expect their insurance companies to act quickly, providing them the money they need in order to make whatever repairs are needed. The hard truth is that – in far too many instances – insurance companies actually do the opposite. They will either delay payments as long as they can. Or they’ll flat-out deny claims. That’s when a skilled property damage attorney can help.

Storm Surges

If you live near the coast and you’ve experienced the fury of a hurricane, you know that wind isn’t the only problem. Hurricanes drive storm surge, a wall of water that destroys anything in its path. Floodwaters from a storm surge can ruin the framing of a home. They can also fill a home with an incredible amount of mud and other debris.

To make matters even worse, a storm surge can lead to the development of toxic mold. This can make a home uninhabitable due to potential health risks. The water will also render appliances inoperable. And it can also ruin computers and other electronics.

Sewage Backups

Even a so-called “everyday” problem can lead to substantial water damage. A sewage backup can lead to waste product that potentially carry harmful diseases spilling onto a bathroom floor and possibly even moving into other parts of the home. It doesn’t take much of an imagination for the mind to paint a picture of just how terrible this could be. Not to mention how expensive it would be to clean up the problem.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will often make it very difficult to obtain payment for this kind of claim. They may accuse you of causing the problem yourself and deny your rightful compensation in the process. An attorney can help you fight the insurer so you get what you deserve.

Broken or Leaking Pipes

Most Common Causes of Home Water Damage - The Eberst Law Firm - Stuart Gainesville Daytona Beach Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorneys - Broken Leaking PipeWhenever a broken pipe occurs, the results can be catastrophic. Water can rush through the pipe, ruining flooring. Even a gradual leak from a pipe hidden inside a wall can destroy drywall to the point it has to be replaced.

Whatever kind of pipe leak you may have, the resulting water damage could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. This will be especially true if your home has a pipe leak in the soil under the foundation.

Damaged Water Heaters or Other Appliances

Most of us don’t really give a whole lot of thought to the appliances we count on every day. Until something goes wrong. When it does, that can lead to a great deal of expensive water damage.

The biggest culprit is an old or malfunctioning water heater. When it fails, that will typically cause a great deal of water spreading across a floor. Just like a broken pipe, a broken water heater can damage flooring (and subflooring) so extensively that they have to be replaced.

The water heater isn’t the only appliance that can cause a lot of damage if it fails. For instance, if a washing machine or dishwasher breaks down, the damage can be just as bad.

Plugged Gutters

Another part of the home that is typically “out of sight, out of mind” is the gutter system. It’s designed, of course, to move water away from the home in the event of a heavy rainstorm. However, when the gutters are clogged, that water has to go someplace. This can mean water pooling on the roof that eventually causes severe structural damage.

Clogged gutters can also lead to water running down the side of a home, damaging walls, floors, and ceilings. If enough water is allowed to accumulate in these areas, that will often result in the development of a significant amount of mold.

How Can The Eberst Law Firm Help With Your Water Damage Claim?

You’ve already suffered enough if your home has experienced substantial water damage. Whether the cause is one of those listed above or something else. Nobody should be forced to go through even more stress and frustration due to an uncooperative insurance company. If this is happening to you, an experienced water damage attorney with The Eberst Law Firm will be standing by to help.

This area of the law can be incredibly complex. But our attorneys are ready to navigate them on your behalf. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that we’ll fight for your rights at every turn and work to help you obtain the full and fair compensation you have coming. Schedule a free review of your case by calling 1-888-CALL-JON or contacting us online.

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