Mental and Emotional Injuries Following an Accident

Mental Trauma Caused by Severe Accidents

When people think of severe injuries that are suffered as a result of an accident they will typically think of the more typical injuries of a more physical nature.

Injuries such as broken bones and traumatic brain injuries are very common when people are involved in serious accidents. Many people can also suffer from immense mental trauma as a result of their involvement in a severe accident.

Although mental and emotional trauma from car accidents or other incidents may not be as tangible as injuries to the body itself, they still can cause a great deal of damage and interfere with someone’s life. It is because of this that they should also be considered worthy of receiving compensation.

Common Mental or Emotional Issues That Can Follow an Accident

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): When suffers a significant trauma in their life, there is a significant chance that they can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. This mental condition is the result of a person being unable to properly process and recover from a significantly traumatic event that they were involved in. People with PTSD commonly have issues returning to their normal lives and suffer from severe symptoms that interfere with their job and lives in general. Common symptoms include flashbacks, mood swings, avoidance of things that remind a persona of the trauma, persistent fear, and emotional distance from loved ones to name a few.

Sleep Disorders: People can develop issues when it comes to their sleep patterns after suffering severe trauma. They could either have problems when it comes to getting enough sleep because of insomnia or they could end up having issues with night terrors.

Anxiety: Some people can develop anxiety after an accident. Things that remind a person of whatever trauma they suffered can trigger an anxiety attack and render them indisposed. People can also suffer from general anxiety that affects their behavior.

Depression: After an accident, depression can develop because of a number of things. Some people may suffer permanent injuries or disfigurements that impair them and alter their life drastically. Other times, an accident can injure or kill a loved one which can shake a person to their core.

Suicidal Thoughts: Along with depression, suicidal tendencies can be found among people that suffer severe trauma. A person may become so emotionally and mentally compromised that they may think their only option is to take their own life. This can be because of a terrible loss of life in an accident that traumatizes them or they may not be able to cope after suffering severe life-changing injuries.

What Kinds of Accidents Cause Mental and Emotional Trauma

Any accident of sufficient severity has the potential to cause mental and emotional trauma. However, there are a few types of accidents that are much more likely to cause mental issues than others. These types of accidents include:

Damages Caused by Severe Mental and Emotional Trauma

PTSD itself is a concept that is intangible but its effects are very much real and physical. People suffering from this kind of mental disorder and other similar mental issues because of an accident can suffer from very real consequences. The medical expenses required to help deal with these issues are typically not small and can severely impact a person’s financial stability. They may need to pay for therapy, medication, and other related medical expenses to help overcome their trauma. There is also how these issues affect a person’s job and their ability to work. They could potentially miss out on wages or even be unable to work the same job as before the accident.

Consider Eberst Law as Your Personal Injury Attorney

Injury to your mental or emotional health should be taken just as seriously as physical damage to your body. If you have been involved in an accident and are now struggling with a mental condition as a result, then you may be able to seek compensation for damages you have suffered by filing a personal injury claim. Consider contacting Eberst Law about what our lawyers can do for you when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries suffered because of an accident caused by negligence.

The lawyers of Eberst Law specialize in a variety of personal injury claim types and can provide you with the expertise that you need to ensure that your claim stands the best chance possible at securing a settlement you can be satisfied with. To contact Eberst Law you can either call our office at 772-225-4900 or contact us online.

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