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Sunny, sandy, and boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, it is not difficult to see why Florida is a hotspot for vacationing Spring Breakers all over the world.  However, this surge of many young vacationers who are feeling “young and wild and free” coupled with the potentially dangerous lifestyle choices that accompany this feeling undoubtedly contribute to an increase in the various types of accidents and injuries across Florida during Spring Break.  We at the Eberst Law Firm advise you to exercise even greater caution in Florida and in any other Spring Break hotspot through late February until mid-April, which is the typical peak Spring Break season.

Car Accidents Increase in Spring Break Hotspots Nationally & in Florida

An article by Science Daily advises that “fatalities from car crashes are significantly higher during spring break weeks compared to other times of the year”. This study was performed by researchers at the University of Miami, and they analyzed fourteen popular spring break locations throughout the country, including locations in Florida.  The eye-opening highlights of their study are as follows:

  • The weekly fatality rate from car accidents in these 14 spring break counties was 9.1% higher during the spring break season as opposed to other weeks of the year.
  • The above finding means that there were 16 more deaths annually in all 14 counties that were analyzed.
  • There was a much larger incidence of traffic deaths involving out-of-state drivers versus in-state drivers.
  • Fatalities that involved drivers who were 25 years or younger were much more common than fatalities involving older drivers.
  • During the spring break season, there was no major increase in traffic fatalities in counties that were not vacation hotspots but were in the same states as the spring break counties.

In order to protect yourself during Spring Break season, here are just a few of the many precautions you can follow: don’t drive while distracted,  drive extra carefully when the weather is rainy and/or risky,  use extra caution at red lights, and only drive when you are fully awake and alert.

At The Eberst Law Firm we understand that getting into an accident as you are trying to enjoy the beautiful Springtime weather is the last thing you had in mind, and we have all of the skills and expertise necessary to successfully handle your case while ensuring to obtain the best settlement possible.

Don’t Rock the Boat: Spring Break Boating Accidents

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee released an article stating that thousands of people flock to Florida beaches during Spring Break, and they are urging these vacationers to exercise caution during their stay.  The article states that they have experienced many tragic boating accidents recently in southwest Florida, and they are aiming to inform both vacationers and residents about boating safety.  Several boating safety tips are outlined on their website, and they advise that their top priority is to remind people to slow down in congested areas.  Additionally, they recommend people always wear life jackets, maintain 360-degree awareness and become knowledgeable about the dangers/penalties for operating a vessel while impaired.  The same article states, “Alcohol is a leading contributing factor in recreational boating deaths, and a major contributor to accidents. In 2017, out of the 67 fatal accident victims in Florida, 24 percent (16) were related to alcohol or drug use.”

As avid members of the boating community, we at The Eberst Law Firm are well versed in maritime law and understand the potentially dangerous conditions on both the docks and out on the water in a vessel.

Spring Break Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents

Florida is arguably the most dangerous state in the entire nation to be both a bicyclist and a pedestrian.  For this reason, it is extremely important to exercise caution as both a driver who is keeping a special eye out for bicyclists and pedestrians, and as a bicyclist or pedestrian who may have been engaging in drinking or other mind-altering activities prior to venturing onto roadways.

Please see our article titled, “Do people really share the road?” to learn more about the dangers of being a bicyclist or pedestrian in Florida.

Premises Liability Slip & Fall Accidents while on Spring Break

Hotels, motels, resorts, Airbnb’s, clubs, music venues- they all have an obligation to provide their business invitees with a safe establishment that is free from foreseeable dangers.  Accidents can happen in an instant- all it takes is one beer that has been spilled by a patron, an unaware, inattentive business establishment that avoids cleaning the mess in a timely manner, and an innocent patron who slips and falls on the beer and fractures a body part.

At The Eberst Law Firm we have handled thousands of slip and fall cases, and we are prepared to gather the evidence needed in order to develop your slip and fall claim into a completely settled case that leaves you with just compensation for your injury.

Consult with an Experienced Attorney regarding your Spring Break Accident or Fall

We understand that Spring Break is a time of joy and excitement, not only for vacationers, but for Floridians who have long awaited the beautiful spring weather. Consult with us at The Eberst Law Firm regarding your accident or injury so that we can handle the challenges that come along with pursuing an auto accident or premises liability claim so that you can focus on your healing.  We will handle evaluating your claim, performing any necessary research, communicating with the insurance company, and securing the best settlement possible for you. You can contact us online or by calling us at 772-225-4900. We look forward to hearing from you.

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