Beginner Motorcyclist Mistakes Cause Accidents

Avoiding Common Beginner Motorcycle Riding Mistakes

Getting on a motorcycle and hitting the road at high speed is a thrill that many have come to enjoy. Motorcycles are an excellent form of transport and recreation that people of all ages use. Everyone that rides a motorcycle was a beginner at some point and all motorcyclists have made mistakes. Some of these mistakes can prove deadly and cause a serious motorcycle accident.

Some of the most common mistakes that beginner motorcyclists make can result in accidents that can cause severe injuries and even death. These mistakes can also factor into their pursuit of compensation for their motorcycle accident injuries. Beginning motorcyclists should be aware of these common mistakes in order to minimize their risk of being involved in a serious accident.

Wear the Proper Gear

One of the most important things that all motorcyclists should do is wear appropriate protective gear while riding their motorcycle. The exposed nature of a motorcycle makes even the smallest accidents much more dangerous for the rider. The single most important piece of safety gear for a motorcyclist to wear is a helmet. Your chance of suffering a severe head injury or dying goes down significantly when you choose to wear a helmet that is up to federal safety standards. While it is strongly encouraged that you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, Florida law does not require you do. If you are over the age of 21 you do not have to wear a helmet but you are required to have $10,000 in medical payment insurance. Other safety gear that minimizes damage in an accident is proper footwear, padded clothing made for motorcyclists, and riding gloves.

A motorcycle injury claim can be negatively affected by the choice to not wear proper safety gear while riding a motorcycle. When trying to seek compensation for a motorcycle accident injury, a defendant will try to point out your own lack of care when neglecting to wear a helmet or other safety gear which will appear to contribute negligence. Florida has a comparative negligence policy which means that if both parties contributed negligence then the level of negligence that they contributed is compared and turned into a percentage which determines the amount of potential compensation a plaintiff can receive.

Ride a Motorcycle That Suits You

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to picking out a motorcycle. There are high-performance models, cross country, heavy-duty bikes, off-road, and hybrid motorcycles all especially suited for different riding situations. A general rule of thumb for beginner motorcyclists is to start on a simple bike with an emphasis on safety and dependability. It is a classic beginner mistake to want to immediately start riding the fastest bike possible. Too much power or speed can take a beginner by surprise and they will lack the experience needed to handle the high performance. It is dangerous to try and ride at high speeds when still learning to handle a motorcycle. The same can be said for more specialized motorcycles. It is important for motorcyclists to establish the needed bedrock of skills before trying more advanced models. It does not look good in a motorcycle suit when a brand new rider is involved in an accident when riding an expensive high-performance speed bike.

Don’t Try to Ride Everywhere

Many beginner motorcyclists get excited when they initially take to the road on their bikes. The thrill of riding around on a new two-wheeled vehicle at high speed is a prospect that many new riders relish and wish to experience often. This can often result in a lack of restraint when it comes to choosing when to rides their motorcycle. Many beginner motorcyclists may attempt to ride their motorcycle everywhere they can which isn’t the greatest idea as a novice. Long distance trips, rides involving heavy rain, and motorcycle trips to unfamiliar areas as a beginner are seriously discouraged since a beginner will not have the necessary experience to make such rides safely.

Don’t Try to Ride With a Passenger Right Away

A beginner motorcyclist will want to share the enjoyment they receive from riding their motorcycle with friends or partners. This is understandable but discouraged since passengers can change how a motorcycle handles quite a bit. The additional weight on the back of the bike changes the balance, turning, and braking which may catch a beginner rider off guard and increase the chance of them being involved in an accident. The additional responsibility of a passenger’s safety is one that should be taken seriously and not left in the hands of a motorcyclist that is still a beginner.

Don’t Forget Countersteering

Countersteering is an essential motorcycle maneuvering technique that involves turning the steering bar of the motorcycle in the opposite direction that a motorcyclist wished to turn at high speed. This technique is essential for split-second situations where a motorcyclist needs to take evasive action to avoid an accident. This kind of evasion will often happen at higher speeds when a motorcyclist least expects and may forget they need to countersteer. Beginner motorcyclists are known to make the mistake of forgetting this maneuver and accidentally turning into collisions.

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