5 Weird Florida Road Laws

Traffic laws are obviously designed to reduce the risk of car wrecks. But some of them are a little odd, to say the least. Florida has its share of weird road laws. We’ll cover five of them in this article. 

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1. Strange Animals Must Pay for Parking Meters

Okay, this is more of a rumor than an actual law, but we thought it would be interesting to add it anyway. Many websites claim that if someone leaves an elephant near a parking meter, they can receive a ticket if the meter is expired. But there’s no evidence this law is on the books anywhere in Florida.

It seems this rumor is based on the fact that Sarasota was once the winter home of the Ringling Bros. Circus. In fact, owner John Ringling reportedly used elephants in the 1910s and 1920s to help build St. Armands Circle, a tourist hotspot. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture these massive animals walking around Sarasota. 

Unfortunately, cities didn’t start using parking meters until the mid-1930s. The first one was in Oklahoma City in 1935. So, while this is one of Florida’s classic “weird laws,” the rumors are likely false. 

2. Stealing a Horse Can Bring the Same Punishment as Auto Theft

Back in the Old West, you just didn’t mess with anyone’s horse. If you did and were caught, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t see the next sunrise. While the penalties aren’t quite as harsh as they used to be, stealing a horse can still result in some hard times.

Horse theft is considered grand theft. This is a Class 3 felony that can lead to as many as five years in prison. This crime also carries a fine of as much as $5,000. Stealing a car carries the same penalties. 

3. Florida’s New Hazard Light Law

Just about everyone in Florida has had to drive through heavy rain. A storm can pop up seemingly out of nowhere, especially during the spring and summer. When the rain is falling so hard that it gets difficult to see, most motorists will first put on their hazard lights to make sure their vehicles are visible to other drivers

Did you know, however, that doing so used to be against the law? People could only do this if they were part of a funeral procession.

Thankfully, rational minds won out. The state now allows drivers to use their hazards when visibility is extremely low. This not only applies to rain, but also fog and smoke. The law went into effect in 2021.

4. You Can Get a Ticket for Driving too Slowly

Driving too slowly can increase the chances of a car accident. It can also cost you a ticket. Florida law makes it illegal to drive slower than the pace of traffic while staying in the left lane on a highway. If you’re on an interstate in Florida with a posted speed limit of 70 mph and drive slower than 50 mph when road conditions are good, you face a three-point moving violation as well as a fine of $60. 

The same principle applies to travel on city streets. You’re violating the law if you drive 10 mph less than the posted speed limit and don’t move over for an approaching car.

5. Don’t Park on the Grass if You’re in Cape Coral

Are you planning to visit friends or family in Cape Coral any time soon? If so, you better not park anywhere but on the pavement. Otherwise, you could receive a ticket. Parking on the grass is prohibited within the city limits. 

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