Florida Motorcycle Laws and Safety Tips

Stay Safe From Florida Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, Florida is a veritable demolition derby where hundreds of motorcyclists end up wrecking their bikes and suffering severe injuries. Motorcycle accidents are an especially dangerous breed of motor-vehicle accident where those involved tend to suffer even worse injuries than those found in other motor vehicle accidents due to how exposed motorcyclists are while on their bikes. Like many other states, Florida has taken measures to help reduce the amount of destruction involving motorcycles on the roads. There are a number of laws and safety measures that those riding their motorcycles need to be privy to in order to help reduce their risk of being involved in a severe accident.

Lane-Splitting is Illegal

It is not unusual to see traffic come to a complete stop here in Florida because of something like an accident or other road obstruction. In situations like this many motorcyclists can end up being impatient and will use the smaller size of their vehicle to maneuver between other larger vehicles. This maneuver is known as “lane-splitting” and is considered illegal here in the state of Florida. Currently, lane splitting is only legal in the state of California and illegal in the rest of the country. This is due to lane splitting coming with an immense risk of causing an accident since a motorcyclist will be traveling in an area drivers will not expect them to be. Motorcyclists all ready have enough of a problem with lack of visibility causing accidents so it is advised that you do not lane split. Not only because it is illegal but because it invites the unnecessary risk of an accident.

Florida Helmet Laws

One of the most important things that motorcyclists often neglect to do here in Florida is wear a helmet. It has been demonstrated through many a study that wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding can significantly reduce the chance of a rider suffering a traumatic brain injury. In Florida, motorcyclists are required to wear a proper helmet by law. However, motorcyclists that are over the age of 21 and have an insurance policy providing them with $10,000 in medical coverage in case they are involved in an accident. It should be noted that suffering a severe traumatic brain injury because you didn’t wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle will likely result in damages vastly greater than $10,000 dollars. Florida also requires that all motorcyclists wear proper eye protection while riding their motorcycles as well.

Motorcycle Headlights are Required

Florida law requires that all motorcycles be equipped with headlights that are on at all ties the motorcycle is on. This means that even when riding in broad daylight, a motorcycle’s headlights have to be on. Many motorcyclists use a modulating headlight feature that makes their motorcycle’s headlights flicker during daylight hours. This feature is legal in the state of Florida.

“Ape Hanger” Handlebars

Ape hanger handlebars are a style of handlebar that are raised higher than usual above the bike and make it so the rider’s arms are in an upward diagonal position while they are riding. Many states have very different laws regarding how high ape hanger handlebars can go above a motorcycle which can make things difficult for traveling motorcyclists. In Florida, the rule is that the handlebars cannot extend past the rider’s shoulders.

Passenger Laws

Many motorcyclists want to share their riding experience with friends and loved ones or may simply need to give someone a lift. Motorcycles carrying passengers are a normal sight and legal. However, in order for a motorcycle to be able to legally have a passenger along for the ride, there needs to be a seat for the passenger or a single seat on the bike has to be meant for two people. Also, there must be footrests for a passenger as well.

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When you hire the Eberst Law team you ensure that your case is taken on by a law firm that is willing to aggressively negotiate on your behalf for the settlement that you deserve. We are ready to fight your case. You can contact us online or call us at 772-225-4900.

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