Common Types of Florida Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly Loved Ones Can be Injured in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a setting where many elderly loved ones expect to live out their golden years in peace and relative safety. These facilities are expected to provide security, peace of mind, and medical care needed by the more fragile elderly residents that call them home. Some facilities fail in their duties to provide these amenities and even basic liberties we sometimes take for granted. As a result, elderly nursing home residents suffer through abuse that is painful both physically and mentally and results in significant damage.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

When an elderly loved one suffers injuries because of nursing home abuse it affects all those they are close to and can leave lasting scars both physical and mental. Those that caused this damage to an elderly loved one can be held liable for their negligence through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. By proving that a liable party was negligent and that their negligence caused the injuries sustained by the plaintiff, a nursing home abuse victim can recover the compensation needed to cover things like medical expenses and therapy for mental trauma.

Eberst Law is a Florida personal injury law firm that specializes in providing experienced and specialized legal representation to those wishing to file nursing home abuse lawsuits. Our lawyers have the legal insight and resources that you will need to secure the compensation your abused loved one deserves. Consider speaking to Eberst Law about what our legal team can do to ensure that your rights are fought for and that you get a settlement that you are satisfied with. To contact Eberst Law, you can either fill out an online contact form or call our office at 772-225-4900.

Common Forms of Nursing Abuse

Nursing Home Physical Abuse

Elderly residents of nursing homes may be at risk to suffer physical abuse at the hands of nursing home employees. This abuse can often leave nursing home residents with severe injuries due to their age rendering them especially vulnerable to harm; not to mention any health issues they likely may be facing. Physical abuse of elder residents of nursing homes can often come in several forms such as beatings, improper restraints, and forceful neglect by refusing meals or basic freedom to move about.

Physical abuse in nursing homes can occur for a number of reasons. A staff member may simply have not have been properly vetted and have violent tendencies, nursing homes may be understaffed and cause the few staff available to lash out in frustration against residents, and in some cases, nursing home staff may simply be sadistic. Nursing home physical abuse comes with common telltale signs such as bruising, unexplained and recurring injuries, malnutrition, and staff refusing to allow residents to be alone with friends and family.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Many nursing home residents can be the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of nursing home staff. Predators may look at nursing homes as easy opportunities to take advantage of often physically frail residents. Residents of any age, sexuality, or gender can potentially be victims of sexual abuse. This abuse can cause physical damage to residents and will often be accompanied by physical abuse as well. The psychological effects that come with nursing home sexual abuse can also be incredibly severe as well.

Nursing Home Financial Abuse]

The financial assets of many nursing home residents can be stolen and taken advantage of by nursing homes and their staff.  Sometimes money or other valuables may end up getting stolen by nursing home staff. In other cases, a nursing home may wrongfully charge residents for services and products or they may overcharge residents. Nursing home financial abuse can also take the form of blackmail or extortion where the staff may threaten residents with violence or other leverage to get money. Occasionally, nursing home staff may actually steal the identities of nursing home residents for a number of malicious reasons.

Nursing Home Emotional Abuse

Nursing home residents can be very vulnerable to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety that can be aggravated by the negligent behavior of nursing home staff. Emotional abuse of nursing home residents can occur when they are kept in isolation, they are denied visitation by friends and family, nursing home staff ignores them, they are verbally abused, they are humiliated, and are manipulated by nursing home staff into emotionally compromised states. Emotional abuse of nursing home residents can reflect on their physical health as well as their mental health. Nursing home residents suffering from emotional abuse are much more likely to suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, self-inflicted injuries, and even increased risk of suicide.

Consider Eberst Law as Your Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Attorney

If one of your loved ones has suffered while under the care of a Florida nursing home, consider speaking to Eberst Law about the legal options available to you when it comes to holding those accountable for their negligent actions. Nursing home abuse cases come with a level of sensitivity that the lawyers of Eberst law are all too familiar with. These cases can cause significant damage to elderly loved ones that trusted these facilities to ensure that they would be taken care of to the best of their ability.

Eberst Law fights aggressively for those we represent that have suffered abuse at the hands of nursing homes. Your case will have our personal attention and communication between you and our lawyers is key in ensuring that you are taken care of in such a difficult time. While you focus on personal affairs, the Eberst Law team will be investigating, negotiating, and fighting on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you need through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. To schedule a consultation with Eberst Law you can either fill out an online contact form or call our office at 772-225-4900.

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