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Motorcycle Accident Scenarios and Their Causes

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause some of the worst injuries a person can suffer in an accident. There are a number of ways that these accidents can occur. Motorcycles are a very dangerous form of transportation that nonetheless that are still quite popular to this day. regardless of the danger, many people still take to the roads on motorcycles at the risk of being involved with accidents caused by other drivers in many ways.

Certain accident scenarios have become increasingly common on the roads and should be familiar to motorcyclists that wish to avoid them. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable should they be hit by another vehicle due to their exposed nature. They are likely to sustain incredibly severe injuries and have a high chance of being killed in accidents with cars.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

When someone sustains heavy injuries when they are involved in a motorcycle accident they have the right to seek compensation for their injuries when the accident was caused by the negligence of another liable party. Motorcyclists can file a motorcycle accident claim to try and hold this liable party accountable for the damages that they inflicted. These damages can include medical expenses for treating motorcycle accident injuries, lost wages due to recovery from motorcycle accident injuries, as well as pain and suffering caused by said injuries to name a few more prominent damages.

Some insurance companies may try to tell you that you don’t need an attorney to file a motorcycle accident claim and they will be half right. You may choose to file a claim all on your own the likelihood of successfully receiving adequate compensation or any compensation at all is significantly lower than when being represented by an attorney. The lawyers of Eberst law firm have years of experience when it comes to handling motorcycle accidents and negotiating settlements for those injured while riding. Consider allowing us to represent you and fight for your right to a fair settlement while you focus on recovery.

Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most common motorcycle accidents that occur on the roads are left turn motorcycle accidents or left hook accidents as some call them. This kind of accident consists of a oncoming motorcycle being hit by a vehicle that fails to yield to them as they are making a left turn. This can occur for a number of reasons. The motorcyclist may not have been seen, the car could have thought they could make the turn in time, or the driver could have simply not understood that they must yield. Regardless of the cause these accidents injure countless motorcyclists every year and often result in significant damages. Depending on the speed and location of the crash, a motorcyclist could either be thrown from their bike, suffer some minor trauma, or in certain cases die on impact.

Lane Switch Motorcycle Accidents

Lane switching is an essential part of a motorcyclist’s and any motor vehicle driver’s abilities yet many behind the wheel neglect to lane switch as safely as they should. We have all seen a car weaving in and out of lanes at high speed in a hurry to get somewhere and we have also seen cars dragging along and holding up traffic. Both on opposite sides of the spectrum yet both pose a risk for motorcyclists that may be hit by a vehicle that switches lanes and collides with them.

A motorcycle lane switching accident occurs when a vehicle moves from one lane to another either without realizing a motorcyclist is in their way or by misjudging their manuever’s proximity to a motorcyclist. Once again, the lack of motorcyclist visibility plays a large part in causing accidents. Motorcycles can easily occupy the blind spot of a car’s rear view mirrors or can be small enough that drivers looking for bigger cars do not register them when they switch lanes.

Rear End Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists will usually stop a small distance behind the car in front of them and off center at a small angle in order to give them an escape in case the vehicle in their rearview mirror comes in for a stop a little too fast. This has become a widespread motorcyclist habit because of the sheer number of times that cars stopping do not notice the small motorcycle that is part of the line of halted vehicles in front of them. Drivers may be distracted and looking at their phone or talking instead of registering the fact that they are about to rear-end a motorcycle.

A lot of the time these accidents will occur at stops and the fact that a car is already in the process of deaccelerating will help diminish the damage that they would do in many other motorcycle accidents but there is still risk for serious injury especially since a motorcyclist can become crushed between a car in front and behind them.

Car Door Motorcycle Accidents

Some people will open their vehicle’s door on the side of the road that is open to traffic and not notic a motorcyclist that will collide with said door. This is sometimes called “dooring” and can be very dangerous for motorcyclists since a door can open very quickly and not give a motorcyclist traveling at full speed time to evade. Even if they do happen to dodge the door they could lose control of their bike or collide with something else and suffer injuries.

Consider Eberst Law Firm for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident in the Stuart, Florida or Gainesville, Florida area, contact the experienced personal injury team at The Eberst Law Firm. Our lawyers have a long track record of successful motorcycle accident claims that have recovered settlements that allow motorcycle accident victims to pay off their medical expenses, compensate their lost wages, and help ease the financial hardship in general that comes with the trauma of severe injury caused by accidents. When you hire the Eberst Law team you ensure that your case is taken on by a law firm that is willing to aggressively negotiate on your behalf for the settlement that you deserve. We are ready to fight your case. You can contact us online or call us at 772-225-4900.

When you hire the Eberst Law team you ensure that your case is taken on by a law firm that is willing to aggressively negotiate on your behalf for the settlement that you deserve. We are ready to fight your case. You can contact us online or call us at 772-225-4900.

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