A pedestrian accident almost always ends in disaster. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents occur far too often in Florida. In fact, our state has some of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the country. That’s obviously a shame because Florida is such a beautiful place. But if you choose to walk around a city – or even your neighborhood – the truth is that you’ll be taking a big risk.


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Here’s a look at five of the most dangerous areas in Florida for pedestrians, as well as some information on how you can keep yourself, as well as your loved ones, from becoming yet another statistic.

1. Beach Blvd in Jacksonville

The stretch of Beach that runs between I-295 and Southside Blvd. is notorious for being a high-danger zone for walkers, as well as those riding their bikes. Between the years of 2012-2016, 66 bicyclists and pedestrians were either injured or killed.

2. 66th St. in Largo

Largo is an incredibly beautiful place, especially during the summer months. But 66th Street has been a hotspot for pedestrian accidents for years. In fact, Pinellas County as a whole ranks as one of the most dangerous counties in Florida for bike riders and pedestrians. According to one report, there were 107 deaths in 2020 alone among the two groups. An average of two pedestrians and bicycle riders per day were either severely injured or killed.

3. Semoran Blvd in Casselberry

Semoran is a long road that passes through not only Orange County but also Seminole County, running from Apopka all the way to the Orlando International Airport. Orlando ranks No. 1 in pedestrian accidents in the US, and Semoran is the most dangerous street in Orlando. Six people lost their lives in the nearly 30 pedestrian accidents that occurred on the street from 2008-201.

4. NW 79th St. in West Little River

This street in Miami has seen its fair share of accidents during the past few years.

On Aug. 20, 2022, a pedestrian was struck and killed near the intersection of 79th and 17th Avenue. Even though Miami-Dade Police were able to gather surveillance video of the accident, the driver had not been found as of this writing. A person interviewed for a news account of the tragedy said the area has been incredibly dangerous for a long time, with motorists constantly showing little or no regard for people who might be trying to cross the street.

5. 34th St. in St. Petersburg

Unfortunately, this dangerous street has also been in the news in recent years for tragic reasons. The following three accidents took place in only a three-month span.

How to Stay Safe on Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians

While motorists are typically assigned the blame when a pedestrian accident occurs, there are many instances where the person walking shares some of the responsibility. If you decide to go for a walk, you have to be just as aware of traffic laws as people driving cars.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you’re on foot.

  • Never take a walk if you’re impaired. You should always be sober, even if you’re just strolling through your neighborhood. The reason is that when someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they lose their focus. They’re not able to react as quickly as they otherwise would. They also don’t have the same level of judgment and may be more prone to taking risks, crossing where they shouldn’t.
  • Always use the sidewalk whenever you can. Motorists must always yield the right-of-way whenever a pedestrian is present and on the sidewalk. If one is not available, always walk toward oncoming vehicles. That will give you the chance to get out of the way if one approaches.
  • You must always use a crosswalk as well. They’re there for a reason – to make crossing the road as safe as possible. Never enter without first looking both ways, and always obey the crosswalk light. If there isn’t a light, don’t cross until the traffic light is green.
  • If you decide to walk at night, wear reflective clothing. Yes, it’s not going to exactly be a flattering look, but being as safe as possible will be worth it. Also, keep a flashlight handy and turn it on whenever a car is close. Don’t shine the light on motorists because that could make it very hard to see you. Just keep the light toward the ground.

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