There are far too many truck accidents in Florida, and they have many different causes. They can occur due to a defective part that fails at just the wrong time, or a driver might not see a passenger car due to the truck’s blind spot. One of the most common causes of a truck accident is an unsecured load that comes loose during transit, causing the driver to lose control as a result.

A seasoned truck attorney with The Eberst Law Firm will be here if you’ve been severely hurt in a truck accident caused by unsecured cargo. Getting the help of a legal representative as soon as possible could make the difference between obtaining full and fair compensation, and getting nothing for the injury you’ve had to endure.

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How Does an Unsecured Load Cause a Truck Accident?

There are quite a few ways that improperly secured cargo can lead to an accident, and most of them have to do with someone violating federal regulations. These are just a few of the many examples.

  • The load could have been distributed unevenly, placing far too much pressure on the truck’s frame, tires, axles and suspension. If just one of those vital components fails, an accident can occur. If the load puts excessive weight on the trailer’s front area, the brakes will be much more sensitive than normal. This could cause the trailer to swing out, making the truck jackknife in the process.
  • There could simply be too much cargo loaded, in violation of government weight mandates. When this happens, it can make the truck much too hard to steer. It can also greatly extend the truck’s stopping distance.
  • The opposite could be true as well. There might not be enough weight. A truck’s brakes are designed to work when the vehicle is carrying a full load. When the truck is underweight, the brakes will be more powerful than they should be. They can lock up, causing the truck to skid out of control.

Potential Liable Parties for an Unsecured Load Accident

As in any wreck involving an 18-wheeler, there could be multiple parties to blame for an unsecured load truck accident. Trucking companies will often have employees load trucks. If they do this in a negligent fashion, the company could be held liable. Some trucking operations, however, will hire third-party businesses to load their trucks in an effort to increase efficiency. That third-party could face legal action as well.

Of course, truck drivers won’t be above taking part of the blame as well – even if they had nothing to do with the loading. The reason is that drivers have the responsibility for making sure their vehicles are completely safe before going out on the road. That not only means checking all the mechanical components, but also checking the way the cargo is loaded as well. If that cargo breaks loose and causes an accident, you may also be able to sue the driver.

How to Prove Negligence

In order to have any chance of winning a lawsuit against a liable party, however, you’re going to need evidence. You’re going to need the help of a skilled attorney in order to get that proof. The following section will cover the different kinds of evidence your legal representative will try to obtain.

Types of Evidence Your Attorney May Use

The good news is there are lots of different kinds of evidence that an attorney can uncover through an investigation of a truck accident case. These include footage from surveillance cameras, photos and videos of the accident scene, and interviews with eyewitnesses.

But it will take an attorney in order to get certain types of evidence. One of them is data from the truck’s so-called “black box.” The black box is a device that records critical data, such as the speed of the truck, and whether or not the brakes were used.

The device also provides data regarding how the mechanical system was working. This data could provide proof that an unsecured load caused changes in the truck’s weight distribution, and show the driver tried to apply the brakes in an effort to retain control of the vehicle.

Injuries from Unsecured Load Truck Accidents

Any type of truck accident can result in a devastating injury, of course. An unsecured load accident is no exception. When cargo breaks out of the truck’s trailer, it can smash into the windshield of a car traveling behind. If a motorist tries to avoid the cargo, they could lose control and crash into other passenger vehicles. The following are just a few of the types of severe injuries that can occur.

If you’ve suffered one of these or another type of severe injury, or you’ve lost a loved one due to a truck accident, it will be imperative that you get legal help as soon as you possibly can.

Factors that Determine Your Settlement Amount

There is really no such thing as an “average” truck accident settlement – and no attorney worth your consideration should ever promise that you’ll receive a certain amount of money. If they do, go with someone else.

There are a lot of different damages, or monetary losses, you may be able to recover. These include your medical bills, property damage, lost wages and any physical therapy you might need. You may also be able to obtain compensation for emotional and mental trauma, pain and suffering, and other more subjective damages.

In general, the more severe your injury, the more compensation you can expect to receive. But you should never accept a settlement until you speak with an attorney. The reason is that you might need further treatment in the future. If that’s the case, and the settlement won’t cover the cost of that treatment, you’ll be responsible for paying.

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